Monday, 22 October 2007

Week 3 plan...

Last week went ok... most of the week was good and then along came my mum's 50th birthday!! I ate too much and exercised too little!! Oh well.. today is another day and I have eaten well so far and am going to the gym tonight!

I have to go to Sydney to speak at a conference on Wednesday arvo till Friday night but the hotel I am staying in has a gym so I am going to try and not let my trip ruin my good intentions! Mum is coming (bless her) to take care of Molly over the few days we are there so I will be able to slip away for a quick workout at some point each day.

So heres my plan of action (POA) for this week:

Monday: 6:30 spin class
Tuesday: 7:30pm pump class
Wednesday: Morning run
Thursday: Weights in the hotel gym
Friday: Run in the hotel gym
Saturday: Tri training and 4pm pump class
Sunday: rest day and free meal day

I am going to have to be really dilligent to eat properly while I am away as this is usually the first thing to go when I am on holidays... I am not on a Body For Life holiday! I can take that wherever I go!! I can still eat out while doing B4L- I just need to make sure I choose some lean protein, some yummy green veggies and some complex carbs in each meal and stay away from the junk. Sounds easy right? Well, we'll see how we go!

Weigh in from last week (before mum's birthday so it probably doesn't count) was 85.1kg- a loss of 1.1kg! I'm not going to weigh till Saturday morning now to give me a chance to burn off some of the junk I ate!


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Miss Beck said...

Oh, happy birthday to your mum! It was lovely meeting her at the taping of the singing bee!

katiep said...

Hi Ashwee
Just found you - so glad to have found another BFL aussie.
I am just about to finish week 4 and have done WW too so we have a little bit in common.
I will watch your progress with baited breath.
Good luck girl! xxx

Jadey 0:-) said...

Hey gorgeous! Just so you know for future - Your gym membership gives you access to gyms all over the country and there's something like 37 in Sydney so you are sure to be near something.