Sunday, 14 October 2007


I feel so fit right now!!!

Yesterday I went to triathlon training and had a good bike ride and ran up and down practicing flying leaps onto my bike. Afterwards I got chatting to someone who seemed very familiar and I asked her where she worked. It turns out she is the fit lady who I admired at the gym a while ago. I told her about my goals and 12 week challenge and she asked if I needed any help with my weights etc. How nice!! Anyway as it turns out she's an instructor at Fitness First where I go and she ended up inviting me to come to her pump class yesterday afternoon- which I did! I worked so hard knowing very well that I'd have sore legs for the run today!! Oh well- the only way out is through!!

So John and I got up nice and early, had a nice light breakfast before heading off to the Alexandra Gardens for the Anlene Series Spring into shape fun run. We decided to do the 4km run instead of the 8km as I am still not as fit as I'd like to be!

I had no big time goal as far as this run went- I just wanted to complete it! Ideally though I wanted to run at least 2/3 of it- which I did!! John and I slowly ran the first 2km before slowing for a drink, we then walked very fast for the 3rd km (probably faster than the jogging I was doing before!!) and then once we got to the final km John said "should we run the last one??" and I said "nah... you go ahead of me and I'll meet you at the end". So off he went. Not too long after that I started thinking really positively and began some really good self talk saying things like "I can do this!" "this is what the last 1km run in the tri is going to feel like!!" "I can't wait to tell John I ran the last km too!" "Am I really in pain??... No!! Then I'll keep going!!" "Slow and steady slow and steady"... And before I knew it I was coming up to the finish line and with 20 metres to go I started running faster with long strong strides and finished looking like the runner I want to be! The runner I am becoming!!

Go me!!


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