Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Dinner last night..

John and I went out to the Rosstown Hotel for dinner last night- we are a bit broke at the moment so we shared a meal. We bought hoisin chicken with rice and veggies and got two small plates to split it on to. We got some funny looks from family (who also offered to by us another meal as they felt sorry for our broke little souls) but we were both SO FULL afterwards!

I am so glad we did it and we'll do it again next time. The Rosstown Hotel has a lovely salad bar too so before the meal came we had a big salad each- I'm sure that helped us feel fuller.

Okay- I'll stop writing posts now... I really have to go get ready for the trip! *lol*

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Miss Beck said...

It's bloody wonderful that you both stuck to your guns in any case because your body will have thanked you!

Kate said...

Hey Ash

You are doing so well!! Such an inspiration I must say.

Hope you are having a blast in Sydney.

xx Kate

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh too cool..well done on sharing a meal..
Being broke sux.. but is part of life..
You are doing so well.. I have only just founf you here thru Beckies blog.. doh..I managed to miss this...

Brooke said...

Hey lovely, it's so good to hear from you! You seem to be powering along, yay for you!! :)

And, trip? Where are you going? :)

Hope all is well sweetie. Don't forget to call me for a coffee whenever it's convenient with Miss Molly :)