Friday, 12 October 2007

First potential obstacle!

I have just got my first period since Molly was conceived! That's 18.5 months ago!! I know it doesn't have to be an obstacle to my challenge but it does explain my sugar cravings recently! I am determined not to let it affect me as it is the most natural of womanly occurances and I should be celebrating my fertility and feeling it- not eating it away! I do feel pretty good though- so that's a bonus!

So here's my plan!

Breakfast options: porridge made with water, scrambled eggs (one yolk only) on grainy bread, toast with natural nut butter, eggwhite omelette, natural muesli with skim milk

Lunch options: A portion each of lean protein, complex carb and veggies/salad

Dinner options: Same as lunch eg. chicken breast with a small potato and steamed broccoli and asparagus

Mini in-between meals: chocolate or vanilla EAS protein shake made with skim milk, fruit, low fat yoghurt, handful of raw nuts

Other stuff: Try to drink 3 litres of water and herbal teas each day, take my breastfeeding multi plus some additional fish oil and glutemine daily

Mon: Upper body weights*
Tues: Spin class
Wed: Lower body weights*
Thurs: Swimming training/running
Fri: Upper body weights*
Sat: Triathlon training
Sun: Rest
*weight training runs on a 2 week cycle so in week two I will do 2 lower body workouts

My routine will change when I finish the triathlon.

I will try to get in here as often as possible with updates and I may use this as a food and training diary too.


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Jo said...
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Jo said...

Hi Ash, good luck, I will be following your progress with interest! You may have even inspired me into my own 12 week challenge!!