Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Back in the saddle(bags) again... nah!

I had a lovely time in Sydney with mum and Molly! We did a DIY contiki tour (aka speeding around all the sights in the short amout of time we had in between conference sessions. My presentation went very well and I may have scored myself a trip to Canada out of it... woohoo!

It has taken me a couple of days to get my eating right and I nearly didn't come and blog because I have eaten chips and chocolate today... but you want the REAL story here right?! Not some pretend perfect person who never slips up yeah?! So anyway, that's out of my system and I have just got home from another killer body pump class where, once again, I upped all my weights and have come home feeling all shaky, warm and tingly and now I'm eating some delicious tomato and onion flavoured tuna, brown rice and veggies to help me recover and BUILD muscle instead of losing it! (which is what happens if you weight train without eating right!)

I went to Triathlon Pink training at Elwood beach on Saturday morning and got a tad sunburnt! Not used to this glorious weather yet! We had a great session where I did my first ever open water swim! It's a lot harder than the pool and I swallowed a lot of salt water but got the hang of it eventually... I really have some work to do though if I want to race well on the day (Nov 25th). My cycling and running has much to be desired but every time I try hard, I want to work harder to get better.

In my pump class tonight I was admiring the female instructors body- all firm and shapely, and had to remind myself that she looks so great because she has worked very hard to get there. She has had to build her fitness gradually like all of us and now she is lifting with the big boys! Well, she's lifting more with her legs than the boys!!

So- the moral of the story??

Eat well, eat balanced, keep focussed, train hard= strong, fit body!!

Sounds simple huh??! Yeah- but if it were that easy wouldn't we all be prancing around in bikinis this summer???

What I need to continually work on is the mind stuff... addressing the reasons why I still dive head first into a block of chocolate or a packet of bikkies when I feel low. More to come on this... I need to have a think first.

Hope you're all having a fabbo day/night and all you Melbournians are looking forward to the long weekend! I'm not a GG fan but enjoy the time to spend with family and friends! Gotta love a long weekend!


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Miss Beck said...

Do you know what? Even buffo trainers dive head first into chocolate and bikkies some days...

I DO want to hear when you've 'been human' but then I want to hear about 'compensation'. What you did to burn them off.

These are foods that will never leave your life, so I'd rather read about someone who chose to eat something but then chose an active way to burn that energy off.

To me, that is the healthy way to deal with the days that we fall in a heap.

My god, you are getting so active. I LOVE it!

Miss Beck said...

P.S. Giddyup cowgirl ;)

Jess said...

Go Ash go! You are going to be just as buff as that instructor in no time! Keep up the great work! :)

Ashwee said...


Jadey 0:-) said...

Wow honey well done. Fingers crossed for the trip! What is it you were giving a presentation on and where?