Sunday, 19 April 2009

What does your shopping list look like??

Do you like analysing people shopping baskets as much as I do?? Not passing judgement... I just find it interesting what people choose to spend their money on.

I have spent the last 15 minutes planning my menu for the week and writing my shopping list and thought I might share it. If you don't really like reading blogs about what people eat/buy then I'll see you next post! *wave*

Here's my plan for this week (inspired by Ajay's food plan on HBC):

- egg white omelette with mushies, tomato and spinach
- poached eggs on 1 slice grainy toast
- porridge with berries
- berry and skim milk smoothie and a piece of grainy toast w/avocado

Morning tea options:
- apple and a small tin of tuna
- boiled egg
- salmon on 2 vita wheats
- smoothie w/ whey protein
- light cheese and 8 rice crackers

- turkey and salad sandwich
- egg white omelette w/ salad
- tuna or salmon salad
- grilled chicken breast and salad (or in a wrap)
- veggie soup with chicken or beans

Arvo snack options (no carbs):
- tin tuna
- 3 boiled egg whites
- handful raw nuts
- turkey
- ham
- salmon
- protein shake or bar
- lite cheese

- omelette and salad
- grilled fish/steak/chicken and steamed veg
- chicken/beef/tofu with stirfry asian veggies
- warm chicken salad
- thai beef salad
- chicken and vegetable soup

I'm trying to minimise carbs in the afternoon/evening as I want to get out of the habit of having a sweet thing after dinner each night... plus I don't need all that sugar sitting around all night waiting to jump on my thighs while I'm not watching.

Just wanted to say a big embarrassed thank you to Philippa for saying such nice things about me over at Skinny Latte Strikes Back

Big hugs!


2 of you love me enough to comment...:

Chubby Chick said...

Your meal plans look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! :)

ani pesto said...

Your list is so organised and fabulously healthy and varied *jealous*

I'm a shocker of a shopper. I buy my brekkie (toast or porridge after the gym) and lunch (toastie or sushi) most days at work and for dinner we never make a list before hitting the shops and so often have the same things every week - marinaded steak, grilled fish, chicken (grilled, stir fried, or oven baked with french onion soup powder making a crispy coating), soup & toasties or a lazy-ass micro meal on a monday (when neither of us want to cook) - I also eat steamed veg with just about everything (now and then it will be my whole meal - with pesto and parmesan of course).

Actually thinking about it, we ate a lot more variation before I started watching what I ate, time to hunt out some new recipes me thinks.