Sunday, 5 April 2009

Big girls CAN run!

Okay, well I'm not THAT big any more however I am not your run of the mill athletic type. I have big strong muscles and curves in all the right places.

That aside, today I ran 14.1km (although I think it was a few hundred metres longer but that's a side issue) in 1:48:38. I am stoked with this time!

In 2006 when I was apparently at my fittest (and 10 kilos lighter than I am now) I completed run for the kids in 1:55:26. I was only able to run for about 10km of the whole course and I needed frequent walking breaks.

This year Mayra and I jogged the whole thing, only stopping for a few steps at each drink station. I felt so amazing sprinting accross that line after being able to achieve a goal I had set myself.

What's next??

The Run Melbourne Half Marathon (21km)!!

7 of you love me enough to comment...:

Kate said...

go you! You're on fire!
You'll smash the half marathon :)

skinny latte said...

Go you good thing!!!!! xxxx

Jadey 0:-) said...

Oh yeah girl smash it!!!! BTW you may just BE at your fittest at the moemnt. Maybe 10kg heavier but we all know weight and fitness are 2 totally different things. Well done today what an acheivement.

Alisha said...

EXCELLENT work! And you look so happy in your photos! I'm yet to find out my result.... Stupidly didn't look at the time as I crossed the start line - and I call myself a runner?!

Olivia said...

WOO HOO!!! You go Wonder Woman! :)

ani pesto said...

I've said it already but I'm SOO impressed. Well done you! The half marathon is completely in reach.

Andrea said...

WONDERFUL! You must be so proud!