Saturday, 11 April 2009

Shift the focus...

I have been thinking recently about "dieting" and all the things that go along with it....

From my experience, a diet has been a set of rules around what I am NOT allowed to eat, eg. Don't eat too much, Don't drink soft drinks, Don't eat too much fat, Don't have too many carbs, Don't eat processed foods, Don't drink alcohol, Don't eat sugary foods, Don't add sugar to tea, in face Don't drink tea or coffee!!

Why don't you just develop a taste for air?? It's cheap and tastes fairly neutral so I'm sure you'll get used to it..

Hang on... something's not sounding right here!

So... this morning's ramble is about ADDING things to your "diet" (diet meaning your nutition). It's time to focus on more that what NOT to eat!

This week, I will be (and I challenge you to) ensuring that in each day I am getting enough of the following three things;

1. Omega three fatty acids... Hardly any of us get enough. On the days I don't EAT enough I will be supplementing with fish oil capsules. Omega threes do all sorts of amazing things including helping your body burn fat! Yes, eat fat to burn fat! But it must be the right type!

2. Protein... I am doing a lot of strength work at the moment and need protein that will easily assimilate into my cells to help my muscles recover and repair. Whey protein is the best for this. I found a whey with no flavour (Aussie Bodies Natural) so I can add it to savoury dishes as well as sweet and make it into fruit smoothies for an in-between snack. Protein also keeps you full for longer.

3. LIVE foods... particularly leafy greens and deep green veggies like broccoli. These foods contain live enzymes which help your digest foods. They also contain clorophyl and will fill you up so you can increase the size of your meal greatly without adding lots of calories. Mind games mind games! Your body KNOWS how to process these foods so you'll be happy happy happy on the inside!!

So there is the challenge. I guarantee you and I wont have heaps more room for junky things in our day if we make sure we are getting enough of these things.

Let me know what you think and how you go if you choose to try... go on!!

My food yesterday:
(not great- but part of my easter treats and I did 1 hour of hard (read: excruciating) cardio today to make up for it!)

B. 2 x french toast made with capeseed loaf and 1.5 eggs (2tbs whey added to the egg mix with NO change in flavour) skim latte

S. 1 hot cross bun

L. Strawberry skim milk shake, 1 slice cape seed loaf with avocado and light cream cheese

D. Small bowl of tuna and veggie macaroni, 1 scoop low fat icecream

S. 1 hot cross bun... oh come on.. it was good friday!

8 of you love me enough to comment...:

karen said...

I love your idea of focusing on the "add-to"s rather than the "take-away"s. I'm going to think on what I don't get enough of and make my own plan!

Little Fat Duck said...

I accept your challenge ;o) Ill start tomorrow though, because Its 730pm at the moment lol!
On the topic of Omega 3's did you know that Flax seed is 6 times richer in omega3's than most fish oils?
Joss has it on weetbix and I have it on muesli, can hardly taste it!
Just thought Id pass that on :o)

Little Fat Duck said...

crap, that link didnt work. Its just at wikipedia OMEGA3

karen said...

Just an FYI: your challenge turned into my obsession for the night ... and probably one of the longest on-topic blog posts I've done in a super long time :)

Ashwee said...

You're right LFD! Flax is a fantastic source of Omega 3s. Just don't cook with it and remember to keep it refridgerated or it will go rancid... eww..

I don't love the tase of it which is why I opt for the fish oil supps. But I love eating flaxy breads!


beetricks said...

Hey Ash, Linda just told me you have finished reading The Gabriel Method...would love to know what you think!! I have just purchased it yesterday and kept the husband awake reading it till the early hours!

(Have a new blog - will link it here. For long winded reasons, have to have a new name too! Can't be cranky anymore! LOL!)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Whey protein Ash - every meal I have to "think" what protein to add, as I don't automatically reach for it. I've added a calcium sup as well as I struggle to eat enough!

Great post :0)

K not Kay said...

A late comment, but so what. :)

I love the idea of embracing the variety of food which we CAN (and even should) eat, as opposed to focusing on the stuff that is (or we designate as) off limits.

Hope you're enjoying your time away.