Saturday, 18 April 2009


... no not the yoghurt and muesli treat made by a dairy company whose name is a winter sporting activity...

Double-up is what I did this morning at training. After a few days away I wanted to catch up on my training and decided to do 2 sessions this morning. Cardio and toning!! That's 2 hours of exercise with a small stretching break in the middle and at the end. I am feeling so great now for doing it and I actually coped surprisingly well!

Cardio this morning included running up a big hill at 60% effort, running back down, running up again at 80%, back down again, up again at 100% and down again. We then repeated that with side steps, backwards running (no one fell over) and travelling lunges. In between these sets we were divided into a fast team and a slow team and we had to run a lap of the park in a line while passing a ball over head down the line and when the ball reached the back, that person ran to the front of the queue... and so on... did I explain that ok?

In toning we used mats, fitballs and free weights (My heavy and light weights went up one kilo this week) and I think I worked harder than I have in a long time. It was great feeling so warm after doing cardio and just being able to launch straight into it while the others were just waking up. I think I might do the double session every week! We'll see how we go...

This week's food has been ok considering we were away on holidays. All main meals were good (eg. spaghetti, meat and salad wraps, healthy burgers, risotto, Lentil and veggie soup) but I really was quite relaxed about the extra things like coffees, biscuits and left over choccies from easter.. I guess it's only easter once a year and I have done a good amount of exercise to compensate. While we were away we did lots of beach walking, stair climbing and I even got in some pushups, squats and lunges... Enough to be sore!

Yesterday I sat down and wrote in my food diary at the end of the day and realised that I had no other protein aside from the lentils in my soupy dinner which led to a bikkie binge (4 nice biscuits) at about 4pm. So today I made muself a banana and whey smoothie for breakky, had a chicken and salad wrap for lunch (plus some blueberry doughnut which we wont talk about too much) and am planning a chicken and rainbow veggie stirfry for dinner... yum! i might have some yoghurt and fruit after dinner too.

That'll do from me! I'll be back!

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ani pesto said...

My goodness that sounds like a lot of hard work. 2 hours solid - that's huuuuuge!! I'm so impressed.

Way more than enough to counter a little easter chocolate and blueberry doughnut (was it a krispy kreme? I swear the blueberry doughnut is the only nice tasting thing in that place, well worth a bite or two).

Have a great week :-)

K not Kay said...

I did something similar this morning - step, 50 min. break to check out the market, RPM. Felt amazing! Whether I'll be able to walk up and down the stairs in the house tomorrow is another question. :)

Your cardio sessions sound so great. Is it some form of boot camp?

And thank you for your comment on my running. You do have a point, I have been trying to do too much in terms of running recently, but I'm being much more reasonable with myself right now.