Sunday, 11 January 2009

A lot of exercise- not much to show for it!

Over the last week this is the exercise I have done...

Sat: 50 min brisk walk
Sun: 40 min brisk walk
Mon: 40 min brisk walk
Tues: 1km swim and 1 game fast netball
Wed: Group personal training
Thurs: Cliff walk and fun beach running, kicking footy etc
Fri: Rest
Sat: 1.5 hour fitness assessment (including 4km run, weights, sprints etc)- burned 833 cals in that session

I have eaten very well aside from a few treats on our short trip to Airies Inlet. So you can imagine my disappointment and frustration this morning when I hopped on the scales to see the number 87.3 flash up. I really hope I have gained some muscle because it's not fair! I know I sound like a sooky little kid but it's just so demoralising.

I am going to take my measurements tonight to see if there are any changes. Fingers crossed!

So yeah.... that's where we're at and It's all feeling a bit blahhhhh

I've been watching my friend losing weight recently and she just seems to be cruising along and the kilos are dropping off her. 7.3 in the last 8 weeks. I am so pleased for her but can't help being a little bit jealous as it seems we are doing pretty much the same level of exercise and we eat a similar amount/type of food and I'm still here in the high 80s. We started off at about the same weight and wanted to do it together but she's well and truely left me behind. Any way... got that off my chest- moving on- I don't wanna rain on her parade.

I tried to buy a new bike today but the bike shop was closed. Maybe tomorrow.

I have started doing some group personal training which is fantastic! It's with Step into life. I love it. Will elaborate more once I have been to a few more sessions!

I'm at work and really should be finishing my lunch break now.

Here's today's food FYI:
Breakfast: (lateish) 1 slice Burgen soy lin toast with a scrape of olive spread and vegemite (made by Molly! Cute!) and a skim latte on the way to work
Lunch: 1 cape seed roll, 1 small tin tuna and a handfull of baby spinach (my fave lunch at the moment) and a large nectarine
Afternoon tea: Gelato- I have been craving it all week and said that if I got to sunday and still want one I can have a small serving.
Dinner: Not sure yet but it will be a combo of lean protein, veggies and rice or pasta and for afters, some fruit salad and low fat frozen yoghurt (note to self, buy frozen yoghurt!)

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Kathiej said...

Hey Ash
Sorry the scales aren't being that kind.
Glad you are going to take your measurements will be interested in that.
I also am a week good one week doesn't show up till the next.
Also sometimes we get a setpoint
which is the lowest we have been for a while and our body fights us to keep losing then it will start again and you will lose ok till you get to the next one

Keep it up I know it is dishearting but you will get there you are looking so good

Anonymous said...

that is DEFINITELY muscle!!!

Olivia said...

Hey Ash! You are doing a fantastic job.... never forget that. Your menu today, is that about what you normally eat? Now I may be the last person to give advice but are you sure you are eating enough calories for the amount of working out you are doing? Have you calculated your BMR? If not try that and see if you need to up your intake a little more... you may be starving your body and that's why the weight isn't coming off. Then again it could just be an awesome muscle gain! :D I remember 3 seasons ago on the American Biggest Loser, the contestant, Mark, wasn't loosing very much weight at one point because he wasn't ingesting enough calories for the amount of workouts he was doing... so Bob yelled at him. :)

Keep up the amazing work. You really are such an inspiration!

jill said...

kepp up the goodwork Ash i am sure it is going to start paying off. You will love step into life. I use to go to our local and loved it. Goodluck next week with the scales