Saturday, 17 January 2009

Crazy times!!!

This week I have been on a camp with 600 kids!! I am utterly worn out!

After last week's disappointment on the scales I decided to really knuckle down with my food this week and focus on really healthy, sensible sized portions. This week has been one of the most full-on weeks I have had in a long time (there were 20 incidences over the course of 5 days including a sexual assault, a fight, an admission to the psych ward at the Royal Melbourne, people pissing on other people's belongings and a promiscuous girl wanking-off any guy that would let her) so, as a leader, this week was challenging to say the least!

The food there was also a challenge... Each lunch time was a fat, salt, sugar and carb fest mostly comprising mini pastries, spring rolls, dim sims, pizzas, and a few sandwiches (the healthy option!! Boring!). So Mayra and I decided to boycot the menu and BYO! Each day we feasted on grainy rolls, tuna, vita wheats, delicious salad, fresh fruit and raw nuts. Our "eating out" options for the dinners of the week were subway salads with byo crackers and tuna, Okonomiaki (Japanese veggie pancake) and felafel and salad. The other options were chips, fried chicken and more chips. While everyone was complaining of constipation, we were feeling fantastic. Not to mention the exercise we managed to get in! 3 runs and a swim- not a bad effort for such a full-on week.

I haven't weighed in yet- but I feel i will be pleased. Cross your fingers for me! I am going to weigh on Monday morning to give myself a couple more days of healthy eating.

I start step into life properly next week! Hooray!

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bekkles said...

Well done!

Food provided in that kind of situation is such a challenge. You overcame it beautifully!

Look forward to hearing about the results!

Little Fat Duck said...

WOW! Congratulations on doing so well in a chaotic situation, thats brilliant!
Did you make those Japanese pancakes? they sound nice... wouldnt mind giving them a go :o) good luck at weigh in :o)

Tina said...

Well done on boycotting that food. I can't believe they wouldn't serve more healthy options on a camp.

Good luck with your weigh in.

Olivia said...

You did a wonderful job staying on track. Your strenght and will power are awesome! I know I probably would have cracked under those circumstances. :D

Michelle said...

Well done on your food choices, I always struggle in that sort of environment and you did so well!

I have done Step into Life in Sydney and love it, its so much fun. Hope you enjoy it as much and see good results - my fitness increased significantly.

phil said...

My oh my, that sounds insane! Well done for overcoming such a challenge. I hope your strength and willpower will be rewarded! xx

The Fat Girl said...

what a crazy week for you ut well done on the food choices

Skinny Inside said...

Goodness, that sounds like a stress fest for sure! Great job on your healthy planning!