Saturday, 24 January 2009

I [heart] Boxing....

Boxing was the exercise of choice at training this morning. When I found this out via a text from the trainer last night I did a little excited jump because I am very GOOD at boxing! It is something I have always liked. Especially kick boxing! There is something about smashing your fists, feet, elbows and kneed into a soft, but not too soft bag that just feels so good!!

I did martial arts for seven years in my childhood/early teens and have missed having an avenue for my agression and skill. I made no mention of this at training this morning and enjoyed the slightly scared, but mostly impressed look on my (very athletic, top of the class runner) partner's face. I even had the cheek to say "..this is why I love cross training, it can bring the fastest runner to their knees" to which my partner replied ".. ahh now I have a new face to put on my dart board"... I reassured him that there would be many an opportunity to give me grief (ie. when he laps me three times during the next run).

Fun times!

I have had a much more relaxing week. Not much on except the usual things- women's group, community dinner, coffee dates with people from our community... nice... I am so happy life is awakening from the blur of the new year's cross-over. I love the holiday period but it like returning home after a long trip away to a foreign place.

John and I spent a lot of time cleaning our room last night and I was able to get out of bed this morning and place my foot on the floor without stepping on a pile of clothes (there have been a few lying around after being turfed out of a suitcase to be replaced with another lot which inevitably ends up on the floor too)... ahhh... I am feeling balanced today.

I relish the feeling as TTOM is expected (and very welcome- I have learned to embrace and enjoy it... making it a time to become a little recluse and read books where I am able) and I usually feel a little scattered around that time.

Tonight I am meeting a gorgeous weight-loss blogger friend (Miss Milo- see my sidebar) for Vietnamese and a Movie- My shout... to celebrate her 20kg loss milestone... I can't wait!

On that lovely note, I leave you!

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Kate said...

ooh, have fun at dinner and the movies.... i will vote in a minute!

I am psyching myself up to try the body combat (or whatever it's called!)... just joined a gym! So excited!

Tully said...

I would love to catch up, I voted, but basically I am free any day except the 4th April. :-)

So glad to hear things are going well for you.

Nicky said...

Mmmmmmmmm Vietnamese! Are you going to that same place as last time? Mmm that was good!

Nicky said...

Ooooh and I voted....
The 21st of March is my 25th Birthday.... I certainly didn't select that one.

I love how much you love exercise!