Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Spoze I'd better update.... day 2 - week 1

After a less than pleasant week-and-a-bit, I'm back on track.

I did no running last week but did PT, Netball and Community Fitness- so three sessions is better than none, right?!

But I SOOOOO want to be a runner that I simply must get back on track.... today! So after work today I will put on my neatly packed (ie. shoved in my bag) running gear and head off for a lap or two of Princess Park before I pick Molly up from childcare.

I have entered the Runner's World Magazine "RIO- Run It Off" Challenge.

Today is day 2 - week 1...

There are fairly loose guidelines for this challenge, you simply send a photo holding a newspaper, you know the deal- pick a start date and a race date 12 weeks ahead and go for it! You take your weight and measurements. I am going to weigh and measure every 2 weeks.

My race date is November 16th- the 3rd Spring into shape 8km run.

This is timely as there is now only 12 weeks until my birthday- wouldn't it be the perfect birthday present to get into the 70s?!!

So, Here's my starting stats;

Weight: Still 88-89kgs
Goal for challenge: In the 70s!
Waist: 98cm
Bust: 107cm
Thigh: 60cm

I aim to keep my calories between 1500 and 1800 per day.

Today's food looks like this.
b. very yummy 1/2 cup porridge with almonds, starwberries, skim milk, honey
s. yoghurt
l. 1 tortilla with spicy mince and bean mix
s. apple, banana
d. beans with rice and veggies

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