Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Making the decision to be healthy...

This afternoon I found myself with an hour to kill before picking Molly up from childcare (hallelujah!) so I wandered around DFO at Spencer Street window shopping.

This kind of an excursion would normally include a quick sweep of the foodcourt to see what calorie laden morsel I could sink my teeth into (blaming threethirtyitis for the binge). However, today as I was standing in front of DoughBoys gazing at the glazing, I made the decision to be a healthy person. Just for that moment- then I would deal with the next challenge next time one presented itself. It was just so easy- it was unemotional and it made sense. I had two options, I could eat a doughnut and decide to be unhealthy or I could bypass the sugary, heart-clogging bit of junkfood and make a choice that would ultimately make me feel powerful and strong.

Powerful is not a word I would use to describe myself when I'm in "The binge zone". I may have a powerful appetite and be able to plough through a lot of food- but I sure don't feel powerful. I feel controlled and manipulated, disgusting and weak. Those are not empowering words.

So instead of eating, I stopped and thought "what do you really feel like?" and went and got a small skim latte. It was just right.

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Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Well done on bypassing the sugary treats!!!
It is hard but oh boy doesnt it make you feel good!
Hope you manage to get a bit more time for yourself through the week..

MizFit said...

wow. that's a really big and impressive mindshift.

there is something about SEEING and SMALLING which makes it far tougher for me to pass in favor of (for me) a diet coke.

FattPanda said...

Well Done Ash! thats a huge achievement taking the emotion out of it

Kathiej said...

I have been reading your blog for a while and want to thankyou for your insight.

Well done on passing that donught and thanks for giving me the lightbulb moment that it isn't so much about diet as it is about facing one challenge and choice at a time and then moving onto the next one

AlleyCat said...

Well Done!!!

Miss Beck said...

Good choice!

Little steps like this arethe habits of healthy people.