Sunday, 3 August 2008

Some pics from the run...

Me in my new running top!

Me with all the other lovely running ladies!

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airlie said...

NICE top! I wonder if that blue top lady knows that she has a wedgy in your blog! Mind you, I wish that I had a nice little bum like hers!

AlleyCat said...

Well done on the run Ash!

You are doing so well with your exercise - your PT sessions look great.

Good luck with the DR - am thinking positives thoughts your way. Have been there myself & know how stressful it can be.

Philippa said...

Ash, you are going so hard core!! I am so proud of you, and you're looking fabulous!!

Hope all went well at the doctors today.

Miss and love you heaps xox

Miss Beck said...

You look fantastic. Very athletic!

LOL@ Airlie's observation.

Miss Beck said...

DOH! Forgot to say congratulations on the run!