Sunday, 3 August 2008

All smiles after another good run!

Look I am getting dimples again!

Another run to cross of the checklist!!

I finished in about the same time as I did last week but this week it felt much harder. This is probably due to 3 factors.

1) I am sore from PT

2) It is TTOM and it hurts!

3) My mind kept wandering to tomorrow's doctors appointment.

It really took a long time to get into my groove this morning. It wasn't till the 2nd lap of Albert Park that it started to feel easier. I had to tell myself to keep going when I ran PAST the finish like for the 5k race... But it feels great to have done it! I finished 100 or so metres in front of the lady who finished after me last week... she crossed the line saying "I'll get you one of these days!" Very funny! But she's entered in the Sandy Point Half Marathon in 3 weeks time... I don't think I'm up to it yet but it wont be long!

I can't let myself slack off this week! It is easy to fall in a heap after a run and find yourself at the next weekend again having done no exercise- easy to fall out of the groove!

So here's the Plan!

Monday- Gym- weights
Tuesday- Netball
Wednesday- Gym- weights
Thursday- running
Friday- PT
Saturday- Community Group Fitness

The next run I am doing is the 1st of the Anlene Spring Into Shape series... BRING IT ON!!

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SeXyF said...

Aren't you just a major spunk!!

Looking fabulous Miss Ash.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow....I had similar results a few years back & thatmeant that I had to be tested each year (instead of 3 yearly?) until I got a clear result....

Must say the green top looks delish on you & Miss Molly is a fantastic accessory!!