Friday, 23 November 2007


Just a quick post to voice my excitement about our move that is happening in 2 Saturdays time.

We are Salvationist and are moving from the very leafy and well-off Waverley church to the community based house church in Footscray (moving house- sharing with Hubbie's sis, hubby and baby). This church is so involved in the community- being with people and in peoples lives for the long haul and not expecting everyone to flock to a big building to be "saved".

I am soooo terriffically excited and I'm going to be getting involved in their community garden and starting a new mums group for community mums. Hooray! Finally we've found a way of living as christians that sits right with us.

Like Jesus used to live- simply and in relationships!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting Ash! It sounds like the perfect environment for you guys. Woohoo!

What a shame I don't still work in Footers though! We could have caught up for coffee :(

Good on you for treating yourself well, too :) I'm proud of you!


Lucinda said...

That is great news Ash!

Nothing like a change of suburb to recharge the batteries and discover new things.

Miss Beck said...

Just as the girls have said, it's wonderful that you have found something that is 'right' for who you are and where you want to go in life.