Thursday, 22 November 2007

Good day!

I did what I said I would and went right out this morning and bought myself a lovely aqua leather bound journal and have written in it my days food intake.

I didn't get my bike ride in tonight. I am loading the bike onto the back of the car tomorrow and heading to Mezz's where I'm leaving Molly for a while so I can have a ride long the Maribirnong River.

Here's what I ate today with some variation to yesterdays plan:
B. 2 eggs on 2 slices helgas rye (6)
S. 1 small apple and a skim latte (1.5)
L. Egg and lettuce sandwich on wholemeal bread (4)
S. low fat yoghurt and a banana (3)
D. A small portion of delicious home made lasagne with low fat mince and low fat cheese with a big green salad (6.5)
S. Small ice cream (4?)

Total: 25 pts

I could definately have given the ice cream a miss and saved myself some points however I thoroughly enjoyed it and wont be doing it very often. I am still breastfeeding Molly about 5 times a day so 25 pts isn't too bad for me although I would like to try to keep it to about 22 per day.

I had a minor victory tonight. The lasagne (which happens to be one of my favourite foods) I made was totally delicious and I made an extra large tray as I was cooking for 2 visitors as well as Mezz, Byron, Felix and Molly. After we had all had a serve the others ALL went back for seconds but I took myself away from the table as I had eaten enough and there was no question in my mind that I was finished! I was pleasantly full- not over full and I enjoyed every mouthful. Go me! It would have been easy to have just a sliver more and forget it ever happened only to wonder why the scales arent moving.

I bought some Christmas wrapping paper today and am beginning to get excited about the festive season!! It got me thinking about how I was going to manage the weeks leading up to Chrissy food-wise. It's such a minefield for someone trying to shift some kilos as there are mince pies and shortbread being hurled at you from every direction!! So here's what I am going to do. On Christmas day I will eat, drink and be merry but I don't want to spend Chrissy arvo lolling around waiting for the coronary to kick in on the couch. I will not eat party food until Christmas day and I will stop eating party food on Christmas night- no more garbage guts Ash for weeks and weeks post Chrissy! (As has been the tradition)

I am also going to make my fat free sugar free fruit cake.

1kg whatever dried fruit you like
2 cups orange juice
2 tbs rum
2 cups self raising flour

Soak the fruit in liquids overnight and whack (read: stir) in the flour in the morning. Pop in a greazed and lined tin and bake in a mod oven for about 1 hour.

As long as you don't lather the slices in butter or eat it with mountains of icecream you should be safe to have a few slices of this cake over the christmas period. It feels Christmassy without all the extra fat!

I am also going to do low fat banana bread to bring to cany Chrissy functions and ginger bread christmas trees, angels and stars to give as pressies. I did shortbread last year and ate waaaaay to much of it in the process so this year I know in advance that I am likely to "test" some of the finish products before celloing them and giving the away.... hey, you can't expect me to send things out that I haven't tried! What if I accidently poison people!? We can't have that now can we!?

Anywhoo- I'm busting to do a wee so I'd better be off! TMI??

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