Thursday, 4 December 2008

After all that...

I weighed this morning (I know I know- only once a week! Shh don't tell!) and the scales flashed up 86.9! 600g down from a few days ago and my lowest weight in a long while!

So I'm going with that and have updated my sidebar. I am so ready to be in the 86s for at least a couple of weeks! And then the 85s 84s 83s 82s 81s 80s 79s 78s 77s 76s etc etc..... It doesn't look that far away when you look at it like that.

On tuesday I ended up playing 2 games of netball, Goal Keeper in the first game and Goal Defence in the 2nd... I kept up! I ran around and you wouldn't have known that my confidence for netball (especially when playing a position I don't usually play) is so poor! I had a good sweat and I am sure my HR would have been at a good spot for most of the game. I also went for a walk/jog with Mayra and have figured out that I need to be exercising in that annoying spot between going easy and going hard... It's really hard to stay there as I need to either jog incredibly slowly or walk incredibly fast!

I think bike riding is the way to go for my cardio/fat burn HR stuff. I will be looking to buy a nice big (I have long legs!) hybrid bike in the near future so I can tootle around Footscray on it but also be able to do serious exercise on it.

Non weight related stuff ahead....

Our community has been providing some meals and support for a family in Footscray- a mum and her 5 kids. Their house burnt down a few weeks ago and they have been living in a bungalow/sheltered area behind their house with no power, phone or hot water. I popped in with some dinner on Tuesday last week and her 3 year old little boy was just filthy. She struggles to keep them fed, clothed and clean at the best of times- so, as you can imagine, this experience has not been easy for them.

She has a support team of workers and she has us as an extra support but I just wanted to ask if whoever reading this could send some positive thoughts and prayers (if you're so inclined) her way and think about some of the ways you might be able to help families and individuals in need over the Christmas period.

If you know of a community organisation who need some volunteer help or money- please be generous. We are so fortunate and have so much (if you're reading this from your home internet connection you are priveledged even if you feel poor sometimes) so please don't spend too much on your family and friends this year. Make/find/recycle some truely meaniful pressies, cook for your family, make a favour voucher book to be used through the year, use your kids paitings for wrapping paper, offer to wash your mum's windows, offer to take your sister out for a meal, find a gorgeous "antique" book for 2 dollars at the op shop.... and give the rest away....

I know it sounds simple.. but it is so liberating and it really helps understand what Christmas is about. Even if you don't follow Jesus- you have to admit he was a pretty top bloke who loved and served others. He set a great example- so Christmas should reflect that.

I hope you are all feeling festive and preparing for a lovely time with family and friends. Just don't forget those who will still be sleeping rough even though it's Christmas.


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Kate said...

lovely post ash... I have a roll of brown ikea wrapping paper (like lunch bags!) for felix to stamp potato print stamps on for our wrapping paper this year. Nice eh?

Phil said...

Happy anniversary to you and John :) And well done on the loss! xx