Saturday, 28 March 2009

Boot camp torture...

Ok.. well, it wasn't that bad.

No.. it really was.. it WAS torture!

But it was the kind of torture I like (I like it in retrospect, at the time all I feel is hate). Right now, I can feel every muscle I used this morning and it is now 5pm! I'm still tingling from such a hard workout.

Saturday morning cardio training is usually a 1 hour circuit or a road run which is still a decent workout but nowhere near what Tess, our trainer had planned for us this morning. I got worried when there were only a couple of witches hats out in the park as a circuit has lots of stations and a road run doesn't need hats. Then I bacame more worried when Tess said "I have an idea, I have made something up for you all".... gulp!

She then led us through a warm up and stretches. This is what happened next.... a non-stop, no break, 50 minute boot camp style workout consisting of the following;
-sprint 50m, butt kicks back
-sprint 50m, high knees back
-travelling lunges with upper body twist 50m, run back
-plank hold 15secs, plank with alternating knees to chest, mountain climbers, pushups
-run round the park
-side to side and touch the ground 20 reps
-lunge hold 30 secs each leg


It was fantastic! Horrible, but fantastic!

I looked in my rear vision mirror when I got back into my car and the Nike phrase "Run yourself ugly" popped into my head... good job!

3 of you love me enough to comment...:

K not Kay said...

OMG, sounds like fun! The sadistic kind of fun. The sadistic kind of fun which makes you go "I HATE THIS" when you're doing it, and "I LOVED IT!!!" afterwards.

Jadey 0:-) said...

OWWWW Sounds great!

Little Fat Duck said...

LOL must of been a good workout if the run yourself ugly was the first thing you thought! Sounds brilliant, and you know whats even better (for me) its something that can be duplicated easily, without equipment! hehehe!