Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'm bringin' owchie back!

I so sore today!

Last night I played my first game of netball in about 3 years and I have to say- I really sucked!! It was good fun though- and that’s the name of the game! I played in Goal Defence which I have never done before as I have always chosen keeper so I didn’t have to run too much. But last night I ran around in circles trying to stay on my opponent and I have the sorest back muscles today!! I didn’t know you used your back so much in netball!

When I got home last night I did an hour of yoga to try and prevent soreness- but it was not to be! Although the yoga did make me feel very nice and I slept like a baby last night.

Right now I am munching on home made fried rice (brown rice with veggies and egg) and trying to stop thinking about work for a minute. There is a lot to do and I have just been asked to take over the payroll for the shops. They keep giving me more work- I must be doing something right!

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Lil said...

Hey Ash,
I loved playing netball in highschool! And since then I've always wanted to get back into it, but have never seemed to actually do it. So congrats to you! And that's awesome that you're considering midwifery. It really is a very cool job (talking from my 5 weeks experience, hehe :)
Luv Lil xox