Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Plan to get happy...

My darling friend Phil has encouraged me to write down a plan to het healthy and happy. So here are nine goals for me to work towards.

1) To stop looking critically at my body and to actively acknowledge the amazing things it has done. (No standing naked in front of the mirror, no pulling at my tummy skin)

2) To take responsability for each food choice I make, knowing full well that even if someone else is cooking the meal it is ME who makes the decision to eat it (and HOW MUCH of it I eat!). To choose the food that works best for my body to nourish and heal me from the inside out. This includes avoiding refined foods and wheat where possible.

3) To track my food for a while and PLAN what my daily food choices are going to be before scoffing and avoiding my 4pm sugar fix by planning a healthy and yummy snack to eat then.

4) To make exercise more of a priority in my life but not allowing it to take over or become an obsession like it has in the past. This exercise will include netball, gym, walking and yoga DVDs at home.

5) To communicate with one of my very bestest friends Phil about how I am going and try to provide some love and support for her in achieving her own goals.

6) To drink plenty of life-giving water and herbal teas to see me though winter

7) Remember where God fits in all this. He/she doesn't want me to feel this bad! He/she wants me to experience vitality and strength in my body and soul. Make time to worship that God.

8) To write in my journal again and work through my feelings rather than eating them away.

9) To remember that I am on a journey and no magic number on the scales is going to make me a happier or better person. I may feel physically better but whether I am 200kilos or 60 I need to get happy anyway.

2 of you love me enough to comment...:

Miss Beck said...

That sounds like healthy, sound advice.

AlleyCat said...

Good Luck - your plan sounds good to me. Any obstacle in life is difficult to overcome without a plan of attack!.