Friday, 18 January 2008


It has been a whole month since my last post... exactly!! What a strange coincidence!

I apologise for my lack of bloggature recently. I now share an internet connection and I don't feel I can sit around click click clicking away on the keys for hours at a time. However I have been slacker than slack and there is no reason why I couldn't post two lines every couple of days to report on how I am going.

Maybe it is because I haven't been going! I have stayed exactly the same weight for months now. So it's all very boring really! Living where I do means that a few nights a week dinner is out of my control (unless I REALLY wanna rock the boat) and I am yet to put my foot down about what is served up... It's a bit difficult really because my housemates don't have heaps of money so cooking anything with nice lean cuts of meat is out of the question. Although we could easily have veggies, rice and beans pretty cheaply. Anyway- I feel I'd really like to get back in the game and move some of these excess kilos. I know I feel so much better in myself when I am lighter than I am right now.

I have considered going on another program, a shake diet, weight watchers, soup diet etc. However I feel I have poured enough of my money and energy into these things in the past and have simply decided to eliminate most junk, eat lots of fruit and veggies and a moderate amount of complex carbs and protein, plus lots of water and I should be on the road to a smaller buttski in no time.

So here we go again!


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Little Red said...

good to see u back on line, Ash!

Alisha said...

I'm with you Ash, no more spending money on quick fixes! My plan is to up the cardio, and have salad for lunch and dinner (don't really feel like eating much else in summer!)... heaps of fruit and veg etc... surely it's that easy?! Good luck!

airlie said...

i have been the same weight for 2 months too! Sometimes we just need a kick up the bum!

Kimness said...

At least you haven't put on weight in the past 2 months!

I too have spent sooo much money on trying to lose weight. Books, magazines, DVDs, online subscriptions, exercise name it, I've bought it! When really, all you need to do is eat sensibly and move a bit more and the weight comes off!

When your housemates cook dinner could you have a small serve and make yourself a side salad? Maybe let them know you are trying to lose weight?? It's tricky that one.